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Starting Christmas Traditions

Heart and Camera | Christmas Traditions

It’s Jayden’s first Christmas and I can hardly believe he is going to be 8 months. This is my favorite time of year. I have so many wonderful memories of Christmas time while I was growing up. My mom always made sure it felt special and I hope I can do that for Jayden. He is still very little and while he won’t remember his first Christmas I still want it to be a special one. These are some of…

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How I Decorated My Christmas Garland

How to Decorate Christmas Garland | Heart and Camera

The holiday season is upon us y’all. It’s time for Christmas music, lights and all things festive. I love decorating for Christmas. It make me so happy to see my home glowing with lights and filled with the scents of the season. This year I started my decorating with my stairs. I love being able to use garland for decorating but it has been a challenge without having a mantel or stairs. Now that we have stairs I was so…

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Welcoming Jayden Michael // A Birth Story Video

heart and camera | birth story

I recently posted Jayden’s birth story and now I’m delighted to share the video. One of our dear friends Ed from Belvedere Stories captured his birth so beautifully. I am so happy I can look back on the day I became a mother and always remember that feeling. That is really all I can muster to write without breaking out into tears again. I’ll let the video speak for itself.…

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Life Mom + Baby

Jayden’s Birth Story

Jayden Birth Story | Heart and Camera

It has taken me a long time to put this post together. Besides getting through the first months with baby, we’ve also moved back to Florida (that’s another post for another day). For a while I wasn’t sure if I should share it. I had read a lot of birth stories during my pregnancy and it didn’t feel to me like a “typical” birth story. It was a long labor. Nothing happened the way I imagined it would happen. Start…

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Lifestyle Mom + Baby

2 Months of Motherhood

I feel like I blinked and two months went by. Jayden Michael came into the world on April 27 at 5:50pm. It’s still hard to believe we are parents. You hear a lot of advice as a mom to be. I heard so many times over the years about the joys of having children. But of course, I didn’t really understand it until I had my son. There’s no way I could have understood. I think what has surprised me…

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Mom + Baby

My Baby Shower

Urban Chic Baby Shower | Heart and Camera

I’m finally sharing photos from my beautiful baby shower! One of my dearest and oldest friends from childhood, Mana, hosted a lovely afternoon event to celebrate me and our Baby J. It feels like such a long time ago now but I have such wonderful memories from that day. I felt so loved and I could already feel the love for the baby we hadn’t met yet. We chose to do it at the Unique Space. The space has the perfect…

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Mom + Baby

Books I’m Reading During Pregnancy

Heart and Camera

I love having a book next to my nightstand and reading a little before bed every night. As a mama to be, the last few months my nightstand has been filled with books that will help me prepare for what’s to come. Even though I know I can never be fully prepared and I’ll have to learn to parent as I go, I have found these books helpful in getting me ready and feeling more confident as I enter this new phase…

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Mom + Baby

My Maternity Photo Shoot

There were so many amazing images from my maternity photo shoot that it was so hard for me to choose which ones to share. These are just some of my favorites. Jeanette from To Love Photographie is a dear friend and such a talented photographer. She did the entire shoot on film which is so special. I love the look and feel of film photography. I am so grateful to her for taking the time to capture these images for…

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Mom + Baby

How to Choose the Right Post-Pregnancy Shapewear

As my belly gets larger and larger, and my due date gets closer and closer, I’m starting to think about what happens after baby comes. Feeling like myself again and how I will be getting back to my pre-pregnancy shape with a baby in tow are all on my mind now. I decided I definitely want to use a postpartum girdle or wrap to help support me during recovery and help get my body back down to size. That was the easy…

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Mom + Baby Style

Bump Style // Butterfly Kisses

Heart and Camera | Bump Style

As I mentioned in my last bump style post, I am all about dresses right now. It’s just so much easier to throw on a dress with this sized bump than trying to get my legs through pants. Call me lazy, but that’s just my reality right now. I bought this dress in Paris at 1 et 1 Font Trois. It is the cutest Parisian maternity store. I was only at the beginning of the pregnancy at the time, but…

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