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  • Heart and Camera | Christmas Traditions
    Life Lifestyle

    Starting Christmas Traditions

    It’s Jayden’s first Christmas and I can hardly believe he is going to be 8 months. This is my favorite time of year. I have so many wonderful memories of Christmas…

  • Jayden Birth Story | Heart and Camera
    Life Mom + Baby

    Jayden’s Birth Story

    It has taken me a long time to put this post together. Besides getting through the first months with baby, we’ve also moved back to Florida (that’s another post for another…

  • Life

    Our Big Announcement

    As you can probably tell from the photo and the title of this post, we are adding a new addition to our family next April. Zeus and I are thrilled. I…

  • Heart and Camera | Made in LA

    A Year Later

    It has been so busy around here lately I haven’t had a proper chance to post anything. On the bright side we have gotten a lot of work done and are…

  • Life

    6th Wedding Anniversary

    I can hardly believe it’s been 6 years since our wedding. I feel like my husband and I have managed to pack a lot into 6 short years- we survived 2 cross country…

  • Life

    A Backyard Dinner Party

    I love going to barbecues and backyard get togethers. I was invited to a farewell backyard party for friends moving out of town. It was such a lovely night but also a…

  • Life

    The Happiness Advantage

    You know when you hear a presentation, and you are so excited you feel like you need everyone around you to hear the same thing? That happened to me a couple…

  • Life

    Me + my canon scoopic

    A few years ago, I was able to get my hands on a Canon Scoopic Super 16mm camera. Yes, it’s real film. It’s a dying medium and therefore not cheap. So…

  • Life

    A Fresh Start

    I feel like I’m finally taking in the lessons life is trying to teach me. I see a lot of people that have figured out what they’re passionate about and making…